Safety-care-wellness at Pratoni 2022

26 Août 2022

KEP Italia’s three buzzwords for the FEI World Championships Eventing & Driving - Pratoni del Vivaro, Rome 15-25 September 2022

KEP Italia is the official sponsor of the FEI World Championships Eventing & Driving 2022, which will be held from 15 to 25 September at the Pratoni del Vivaro (Rome). Once again, KEP stands above the rest for its devotion to promoting all equestrian disciplines and improving the popularity of lesser-known disciplines among the wider public,such as eventing and driving, which are both hugely entertaining and engaging.

The location, which houses the Rocca di Papa Equestrian Sports Centre at the Pratoni del Vivaro within the Parco dei Castelli Romani, is a beautiful naturalstage that is certain to amaze both enthusiasts and newcomers alike. KEP Italia branding will feature on a selection of the most stunning obstacles in both the eventing and the driving trials and, in line with its sensitivity towards sustainability and accessibility, KEP Italia will also be sponsoring golf cars that will be made available to spectators with disabilities and reduced mobility to ensure that they can enjoy all the competitions.

At the World Championships, 'safety, care and wellness' are the three buzzwords that will make the KEP Italia backstage rider area unique; it will feature a physio-point in partnership with Bac Technology, with a team of specialised physiotherapists and the very latest physio equipment, and a lounge to relax and enjoy infusions, herbal teas, juices and fresh fruit for a healthy break.

The KEP space will be completed with a sales area open to the public; the star product will be the Cromo 2.0, which features a range of new customisations. The Cromo 2.0 is the ideal helmet for eventing disciplines. Its versatility means you only need one helmet for all three trials, quickly and easily changing the visor with no assistance required. The same goes for the front and back inserts, an aesthetic quirk that expresses the style and spirit of the rider, going from elegant to country with just one click. The Cromo 2.0 is confirmed as the maximum expression of research in terms of safety, innovation, and comfort, as well as being the first KEP helmet developed for use both on horseback and for urban mobility, approved for electric scooters, e-bikes, skateboards and roller skates.

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