Superior safety post


Mollie Summerland is a young British rider who competes in international eventing. In March 2015, she was involved in an unimaginable accident that demonstrated just how important it is to wear a helmet even when you are not in the saddle. Here is her story:
“My head was crushed between two metal parts of the hot walker: thank you for your amazing helmets!
I thought I’d pressed the stop button on the hot walker (but obviously, I hadn’t pressed it properly) and I opened the gate to get my horse but he didn’t stop, so I went in with him to get him out, thinking that he’d decided he wanted to keep on walking. At one point, it jerked forwards: I was looking at my horse, not at the hot walker, but out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the separators coming towards me, but it was too late to get out of the way and I ended up with my head stuck between the metal gate and the separator. I heard my helmet breaking on my head but I couldn’t move. In the end, the hot walker stopped thanks to the emergency safety system.”