Superior safety post


Dear KEP Italia Team,
Since last Sunday, I am someone new, someone who can say: “I’m alive thanks to KEP.”
I was taking part in my first outdoor competition of the year in preparation for the CSI3* in Eschweiler and I was doing a 135 with my horse. We started off well but, after the seventh jump, I chose too short a distance for the following oxer. My horse jumped very high but didn’t manage to cover the width and fell onto the barriers which ended up between his legs, and he tripped. I would have fallen but, unfortunately, my left foot got stuck in the stirrup and my horse, who was frightened, dragged me with him across the field until the stirrup leather broke. Unfortunately, my horse accidentally kicked me and broke my arm. He also kicked me in the head. My helmet suffered serious damage but my head is absolutely fine! Thank you to all your team for the fantastic work you do with your helmets and to save the lives of us riders!
Thank you to Peta for sending us this message. We are very happy to learn that, aside from a broken arm, she is OK and we will see her in the saddle again soon! Please share this story and help spread awareness about safety in the saddle.