Superior safety post


Below, we reproduce information from an article in an Irish daily newspaper in March 2015.
The Health Minister Leo Varadkar realised just how catastrophic jockey falls can be: indeed, he found himself offering to help a jockey who had just suffered a fall.
The Health Minister – an experienced doctor – found himself in Leopardstown during the weekend, when the IIJF (Irish Injured Jockeys Fund) invited him to take a ride around the track in an ambulance. But the minister got involved much more deeply than he expected: right at that moment, the jockey Robbie ‘Puppy’ Power suffered a bad fall when Sadlers’flaure threw him during the Saturday 3.50.
In an interview with The Star, Power explained: “When I fell, the horse kicked me in the back of the head: fortunately, my helmet absorbed the impact. In fact, after the kick, there was a fairly big dent in my helmet. The Minister Varadkar was in the weigh-in room after the race and Doctor Adrian McGoldrick (the Turf Club doctor) showed him my helmet.”
Minister Varadkar joined the champion and president of the IIJF, Ruby Walsh, and Dr Adrian McGoldrick in the jockeys’ ambulance for the following race. “I think the Minister was surprised at the speeds the jockeys reach when racing and he is happy to know that there’s an organisation such as ours that works to help injured jockeys,” said Ruby.