Superior safety post


We believe that it is always useful to talk about the importance of wearing a helmet when you go riding and we want to share a message and a video that we received in 2012. We believe that it is helpful to see it because a situation similar to this can happen to anyone who rides horses: the rider, a Spanish girl called Almudena Terrasa, was on a course that was perfectly within her capabilities, with a calm horse and with no difficulties whatsoever. The jump just before they both fell was not particularly difficult and the horse took it easily, from the correct distance, on centre and with a smooth parabola. Everything was fine.
But the horse stumbled on landing, fell and rolled, putting all its weight onto the body of the girl, with the full inertia of the fall from a height.
Fortunately, the girl not only survived, but she also suffered nothing serious (she broke her clavicle and was back in the saddle two months after the fall). A few days after the accident, Almudena sent us this message:
 “I can say I’m alive thanks to KEP.
On 10 August, I suffered a horrible fall. That which could have ended in disaster was transformed into just a bad scare, and it’s all down to the retention my helmet proved to have. If it had been another helmet, another brand, I would probably have died. There is no better test than this fall to prove the resistance of KEP Italia helmets; it is without any doubt unique. I suffered no consequences to my head: no blows, no pain – all the impact was absorbed by the helmet. The interior remained intact and without deformities. It’s incredible! All that’s left for me to do is express my gratitude to the producers of KEP for saving my life: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!”
Follow this link to see the video of Almudena’s fall.