Superior safety post


On 6 January 2014, when we had all just come back to work after Christmas, we received this letter from Gillie Hutchins in England:
“A massive thank you to all of you at KEP!
This morning, my 14 year-old daughter had a horrible fall from her pony. Bad luck would have it that the pony knocked her to the ground and then stamped on her head before galloping off.
At the hospital, no one could believe she had come away with just scratches to the face! Her helmet definitely prevented much more serious damage… if not worse. She didn’t even suffer any trauma and the doctors said that the helmet was certainly the best purchase I have ever made! The cap suffered a small crack in the fall, but it saved the life of my daughter! Thank you, thank you so much!
Please could someone get in touch about a replacement helmet because I truly don’t want her to ride with any other! I will recommend you to everyone I know and we are very happy for you to use this feedback for any publicity purposes. Thank you once again!”
What can we say? Once again, as always on such occasions, we feel gratified and even more motivated to continue what we want to do and know how to do: produce the safest riding helmets in the world.