Superior safety post


A type-approval is a combination of rules with which riding helmets must comply in order to be marketed in a given country. The bodies that issue the certification are the same that certify that a determined riding helmet model conforms to these rules in all their interpretations.
The type-approvals required by other international markets are:
For Europe: VG1 01.040 2014-12, which replaces the EN 1384:2012 standard (which was not abrogated, but rather “deharmonised”; indeed, it has lost the status of required conformity but continues to exist as a CEN standard).
For the USA and Canada: ASTM F1163/2015 and SNELL E2016
For Britain: PAS015:2011
For Australia and New Zealand: ASNZS3838 or ASTM: F1163-15 or PAS015:2011 or SNELL E2016
Those countries that have not developed their own type-approvals conform to already existing standards.
KEP Italia helmets pass the tests required by VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM F1163/2015, which include some of the most rigid tests in the world. Thus KEP Italia helmets, made entirely in Italy (Europe) can be marketed and used in competitions of any discipline the whole world over.
Significant investments are made in safety and KEP Italia will continue to support this area in the pursuit of one of its most important objectives: to try to provide protection for all possible types of trauma to the head by producing the safest helmets in the world.
The tests that the helmets must pass to obtain these type-approvals ensure that the helmets are able to achieve certain safety parameters and their resistance, as follows:
1.     Impact absorption test at different temperatures (room temperature, conditioned air temperature at -20°C and +50C)
2.     Penetration test (helmet resistance to penetration by foreign bodies)
3.     Helmet lateral deformation test
4.     Helmet stability test
5.     Helmets chin strap resistance test and test of the helmet movement away from the head
6.     Visor flexibility test