All KEP Italia helmets can be requested with certain details in semiprecious stone - border of the front ventilation grille, grille open / close button, front and rear inserts and visor. The stones selected by KEP Italia for this collection are malachite (a mineral much used in jewellery and for precious objects for its beautiful colour that ranges from pale to dark green and for its characteristic different shades of colour), rhodonite (another mineral, whose name comes from the Greek word for pink, for its mottled pink and black colour, which is much used in the creation of necklaces, statues and ornamental objects) and lapis lazuli (one of the oldest precious stones in history, of an intense blue). The codes for each accessory are as follows: malachite border - PCR.AER.C.PI.MALA rhodonite border - PCR.AER.C.PI.RODO lapis lazuli border - PCR.AER.C.PI.LAPI
Available Colours