280,00 €
The result of KEP Italia's continuous quest and desire to create high quality products for every moment in the day of a rider, the practical SPORT BACKPACK from the KEP TRAVELLERS collection is a unisex model 100% produced in Italy that perfectly represents the typical style and design of KEP Italia. Versatility is the main characteristic of this practical backpack, designed to contain all the accessories a rider may need for a day at the stables: helmet, first and foremost, but also whip, water bottles, documents and a change of clothes all fit perfectly in this SPORT BACKPACK, which proves to be an essential item fro riders and grooms alike. And, should it be too heavy or if the occasion should require a more elegant than practical accessory, the shoulder straps of the "backpack" version can be concealed and replaced by a soft handle. The SPORT BACKPACK, in washable and waterproof smart fabric, is available in six different colours: yellow, grey, blue, brown, black and white.
Available Colours