All KEP Italia helmets can be requested with certain details in shell - border of the front ventilation grille, grille open / close button, front and rear inserts and visor. The shells available are Abalone - a very common seashell renowned for its particular pale iridescence displaying a mixture of marine colours (blue, green and silver) found in its smooth interior - and Superlativa® - a special patented microfilm in mother-of-pearl, produced in Italy using an innovative, sustainable process. The technique adopted for processing Superlativa® mother-of-pearl enables it to be applied to any surface, experimenting new colours and new designs, always maintaining a perfect equilibrium between modern technology and the handcrafted aspect of the products. And always focusing on maximum environmental sustainability. The codes for each accessory are as follows: Abalone border - PCR.AER.C.PI.ABA Superlative® border - PCR.AER.C.N.BLB.MPB (the final colour of Superlative® processing depends on the base colour to which it is applied and is thus agreed and approved for each individual order).
Available Colours