Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of September! This year there are two dates dedicated to International Helmet Awareness Day, an event sponsored for the eighth year in a row by the American movement Rider4Helmets and aimed at sensitising public opinion regards to helmets and safety.  

One of the most significant initiatives is the active participation of the most important helmet manufacturers in the world, all committed through their distributors to applying reduced prices on goods bought in conjunction with this event.  
The announcement of the two days for this event was welcomed with pleasure by the constantly increasing number of Riders4Helmets supporters and in particular by Kep Italia, a company that has guaranteed its support for this project since 2013.

Lelia Polini – Managing Director of the leading company in the riding helmets sectors, has always underlined that “KEP Italia and Riders4Helmets have a great deal in common since we work to achieve the same identical objective, that of protecting riders and ensuring everyone understands that wearing a good helmet when riding makes all the difference in the event of a fall.”
At the moment the Grumello-based company is greatly committed to verifying that its distributors all over the world are taking part in International Helmet Awareness Day.

Riders4Helmets. Riders4Helmets was founded in 2010 by Lyndsey White and Chad Mendell, after the Olympian American dressage rider Courtney King-Dye remained in a coma for a long time following a fall from a young horse during a training session. At the time Courtney was not wearing a helmet. A member of the American team at the Beijing Olympic Games, the rider was in a coma for four weeks and it took three months of rehabilitation before she could once again speak and walk. Since then Riders4Helmets, the only movement of this kind officially recognised by FEI, now has over 70,000 viewers a month on its website and there are sales points registered for International Helmet Awareness Day situated in every country in the world.

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