KEP Italia is Italy’s leading manufacturer of riding helmets, founded in 2007 because of Lelia Polini and Bianca Collet-Serret’s passionate committment. During these ten years of work, the desire to study and then manufacture the most innovative, comfortable and safe helmet in this sector has become reality, creating the best helmet in the world, merging in its concept the highest level of research in terms of design, technology, raw materials and safety.
“The company’s “safety first” motto,” conclude the founders, “is a summary of our mission. We believe that comfort and safety when riding are the necessary conditions for continuing an activity such as ours. Our passion encourages us to never stop, in order to provide our clients with the best helmets ever made.”
KEP Italia will be at Fieracavalli in Pavilion 6 with two KEP Points and in Pavilion 8 – where the company directors will attend the World Cup. In Pavilion 8 we will present the helmet that KEP Italia has dedicated to Jumping Verona, presented here together with our exclusive KEP Bag. Furthermore, at our main stand, it will be possible to meet some of the equestrian world’s greatest champions, such as:

Giulia Martinengo – Friday October 26th at 10.30 am

Players in the 1st KEP Horseball Masters – Friday October 26th at 3 pm

Filippo Bologni – Saturday October 27th at 4 pm

After launching its first model, KEP Italia continued to search for excellence and innovation, both in selecting the raw materials used as well as a technological level. One example of this is the E-Light, the most recent product presented by KEP Italia; a helmet made of carbon fibres, the only one in this category stratified by hand and then finished in an autoclave, weighing only 396 gram. It is the lightest, strongest and safest helmet ever made. Superior technology and materials are also used in details such as the strap which is equipped with five attachment points and an innovative magnetic clasp that is in the lead as far as safety is concerned. “It is a safe helmet with an innovative design and one for which all avant-garde materials and manufacturing could not have been created outside Italy”, a helmet for which all materials and manufacturing are local, with attentive and ongoing research for the best possible quality.
Everything that makes KEP Italia helmets “superior” is the regularity with which continuous quality control is applied and carried out with the greatest seriousness that ensures the traceability of every single helmet. Manufacturing increasingly safe and more comfortable helmets is our company’s real credo. “I have no idea whether we will ever be able to achieve the absolute maximum, but we will certainly do everything possible to do so,” says Lelia Polini. Success, in this sense, has been achieved in seeing KEP Italia’s riding helmets acknowledged as among the safest in the world. Our helmets respect the requisites of three different types of validation and all our models have obtained five international safety certifications for the equestrian sector. Having numerous certifications is a further protection for consumers, since there are different types of validations and safety certifications for riding helmets and each requires different requisites. That is why it is important to choose a helmet with the highest possible number of validations and certifications.