Kep Italia, the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation’s technical sponsor, is celebrating Italy’s ranking at the top of the FEI Nations Cup Division 1, together with all the team’s supporters.
Following wins in Rome and St. Gallen, the Italian team finished third in the 5th Nations Cup held in Rotterdam on Friday, June 23rd, taking the lead in the provisional ranking.
Since the very first event at Piazza di Siena, all Italian riders have been wearing e-light carbon helmets, the new highly innovative product manufactured by Kep Italia with safety characteristics that are unique in this market.
The development of this innovative equestrian riding helmet arose from a desire to create a cap
that would be uniquely light and resistant and this led to carbon being used. It was a choice dictated
 by in-depth knowledge of the technical characteristics of this material, which is able to merge lightness and hardness in a unique manner.”
(Lelia Polini – Managing Director Kep Italia)
The e-light is manufactured using a technique that involves a passage through autoclaves that allows carbon fibres to harden in a homogeneous manner, eliminating excess resin and avoiding the risk of gas bubbles appearing between layers, something that often happens when using other manufacturing methods. It is only by using this procedure that carbon acquires characteristics that increase protection performance by exploiting the material’s hardness and elasticity, thereby safeguarding riders’ safety in the best possible way. Furthermore, Kep has intentionally chosen to sell this product at an affordable price for the very reason that this company’s mission is to create increasingly safer riding helmets.