The new collection of KEP Italia’s carbon fibre helmets will be presented for the first time in Italy during Fieracavalli in Verona

E-light represents the highest possible expression of Kep Italia’s constant search for excellence and innovation. Although it already boasts the lightest helmets on the market, the company in Grumello del Monte has wanted to go further, creating a helmet weighing less than 400 grams.

E-Light, the newest helmet manufactured by KEP Italia is a carbon fibre helmet, the only one in this category to be stratified by hand and then finished in an autoclave. Weighing just 396 grams, it is the lightest, strongest and safest helmet ever made.
The artisanal manufacturing using an autoclave allows us to exploit this material’s characteristics at its best, because the carbon’s texture merges perfectly at the centre of the skull cap and the helmet’s edges are always smooth. The carbon fibres make the skull cap light, but extremely resistant and is different because it has a high capacity to absorb impact better than any other material. This makes E-light the lightest helmet on the market today, but also the safest compared to others.
The new collection, presented for the first time in Italy during Fieracavalli 2017, adds a touch of colour to this innovative E-light helmet. The cap’s carbon fibres are cleverly intertwined with high performance technical materials in white, bronze, red and blue. For the first time carbon fibre is now coloured, distinguishing itself from all other helmets in this category. Furthermore, riders will be able to choose between the “naked” model, with no inserts, so as to best enhance the colours, or choose a model with two or three coloured inserts to add energy and personality to their own style. “Attention paid to innovation, aesthetics and design, always present in KEP Italia - says Lelia Polini - are accompanied by a continuous search for the safest and most comfortable helmet. That is why we try and encourage people to choose a carbon fibre helmet so they are better protected, not as a status symbol. We have tried to combine the best possible safety aspects with an excellent quality to price ratio. We consider our work as a mission; that of enhancing in the best possible way the safety of riders.” All the materials used and the manufacturing are “Made in Italy” with an attentive and ongoing search for the best possible quality.

E-light proves how, although assigning great importance to the product’s design and aesthetics, KEP Italia always puts safety first. The use of superior materials is accompanied by five safety certifications that make KEP Italia helmets better than ever. “Educating riders on the importance, starting with their very first lesson, of the need to choose a product equipped with certifications and validations,” adds Lelia Polini, is a concept so deeply rooted in our company that it has become one of our mottos; “safety first”.