For a long time Kep Italia has supported Italy’s Paralympic riders, recently formalising cooperation between Italy’s leading riding helmet manufacturer and Atleti Speciali. Studied to include the characteristics of a co-marketing operation and therefore active joint promotion participation between the two brand names, the agreement will bring in funds to be used for staging sports projects that will allow many Paralympic athletes to fulfil their Olympic dreams.

“We have produced a limited edition series of riding helmets for the Atleti Speciali project and will sell them with the commitment to donate a significant portion of the revenue to support this well-deserving platform of services aimed at promotion and visibility.” (Lelia Polini Managing Director Kep Italia)
Ferdinando Acerbi, formerly a member of Italy’s Three Day Eventing Team and who became a Paralympic athlete (a team member at Rio 2016) only a few years ago after losing the use of his legs in an accident at sea (he risked his own life to save a friend’s), was the driving force behind the Atleti Speciali project that became a reality on the eve of the Rio Olympic Games.
“Lelia gave me a riding helmet made especially for me with a drawing stylised on the back depicting a horse coming out of a wave... My story and my passions all in just a few strokes.”
(Ferdinando Acerbi, Paralympic athlete and leader of Atleti Speciali)
Acerbi is convinced that this project, coming from the equestrian world, could become a format applicable to many other sports. His plan is to create a fund that could be allocated to the entire Paralympic movement using sponsorships of this kind in which brand names could acquire visibility through initiatives implemented through serious shared projects.