For the first time a new high level Horseball competition will take place: The 1st FIHB KEP Horseball Masters.
Hosted by the International Horseball Federation (FIHB) in cooperation with the Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri (FISE), this top level competition will take place during the Fieracavalli in Verona (ITA) from 26th - 28th of October. The event will be presented by KEP Italia, known for its riding helmets with an unique technology, fit, comfort and elegance; already present at all major International Horseball competitions, KEP Italia, as always, is committed to guaranteeing the best safety conditions possible for the riders.
24 of the best players (Ladies and Men) of the world from 5 countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Italy) will form 4 teams and compete against each other.
You’ll see World Champions, European Champions and Champions League winner, such as Gil Carbones, Mikel Le Gall, Valentine Descamps and Justine Ammann, presenting a fascinating challenge for horses and players.
Don’t miss this young equestrian team sport, a mix of “basketball and rugby on horseback”! You can expect to see a spectacular show, with acrobatic moves on horseback: Horseball games at highest level.