Inspection and repair


The lifetime of a helmet depends on various degenerative factors, including temperature change, amount of exposure to direct sunlight and the intensity of use.
It is important to check your helmet often to ensure that there is no damage, such as cracks, detached parts, deformations, peeling or colour alterations that may indicate significant deterioration of the helmet. Irrespective of any signs of deterioration, it is recommended to replace the helmet after 5 years because the protective capacity diminishes over time due to the ageing of materials. The exact age of the helmet is indicated inside, under the lining, on a plate (not to be removed under any circumstances) which contains all the specific information for each helmet, including date of production.
Do not leave the helmet on the dashboard of a vehicle or in a nylon bag in sunlight; the reaction of the internal materials in the heat could cause the alteration of the primary materials which would damage the helmet.
If you come across cuts, scratches or any other type of damage, it is recommended that you contact KEP Italia to have the helmet examined before any further use. For safety reasons and to maintain conformity with certification, only the Italian headquarters of KEP Italia are authorised to dissemble, assemble, repair or replace the parts of the helmets. For the correct procedure for requesting the inspection, full check, repair or replacement of parts of a helmet, please refer to the retailer from whom the helmet was bought, who will set up all the procedures necessary.