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Italian Champions Tour: this is the Under 20 Team

24 July 2021

KEP Italia and Scuderia 1918 run with the Under 20 Team

The Italian Champions Tour is the first team show jumping circuit in Italy, born on the initiative of Fieracavalli, FISE and Arezzo Equestrian Center. The debut race took place at Piazza di Siena 2021.

This circuit is an opportunity to develop the project supporting young Italian riders with outstanding sporting skills, implemented by Team Scuderia 1918.

Thanks to the partnership between Scuderia 1918 and KEP Italia, 6 young riders will face a challenging path of growth, through the stages of the Italian Champions Tour.

The Team, made up of Under 20s, was selected by experts in the sector on a merit-based basis; value at the heart of the corporate philosophy of the two brands, which have always been actively involved in the growth of equestrian disciplines.

"We believe that the merit-based aspect is not always considered a priority in this sport. With this project, we want to give six young Italians motivated by passion and willpower the opportunity to join our dedicated team, offering them a unique experience "said Emanuele Anchisi, founder, together with his wife Maria, of Team Scuderia 1918.

Scuderia 1918 and Kep Italia gave the registration fee to the Italian Champions Tour and a year of technical sponsorship to six young people, who make their talent a starting point on which to build their personal and sporting growth with commitment, passion and teamwork.

"We want to offer these young riders the opportunity to live a training and growth experience, both from a technical and an emotional point of view; with the aim to build a team founded on the solid values ​​of excellence, respect and team spirit and, first and foremost, a genuine passion for horses. Investing in young people means investing in the future of horse riding at 360 degrees, and there is no better way to do it than with partners who share our same ideals in sport and in life ".
Lelia Polini and Bianca Collet-Serret.

Good luck to the 6 riders: Sara Focella, Giacomo Lanzi, Rebecca Longo, Roberta Rizzini, Eleonora Rizzo, Giada Sonzogni.

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