Kep Italia Main Sponsor of Cavalli in Villa

06 April 2022

The big event Cavalli in Villa has started. Sport, slow tourism, art and territory in five historic villas in Veneto.

KEP Italia, eader in the market of helmets for horse riding and urban mobility, has chosen to accompany the five stages of 'Cavalli in Villa' enhancing once again the concept of safety for those who approach or practice equestrian sports and on two wheels.

5 stages, 5 villas, 5 weekends dedicated to the discovery of the Venetian territory through art and culture, food and wine, slow and green tourism on horseback and on e-bike, activities dedicated to children to get closer to the world of horse riding and more, vintage car parades and, of course, jumping competitions with the participation of 200 riders and amazons of international level.

8-10 April         Villa Bassi - Abano Terme (PD)
6-8 May         Villa Farsetti - Santa Maria di Sala (VE)
11-12 June         Villa Pisani Bonetti - Lonigo (VI)
23-25 September        Villa Caffo Navarrini - Rossano Veneto (VI)
1-2 October         Villa Corner - Cavasagra di Vedelago (TV)

The horse is one of the protagonists of 'Cavalli in Villa', to promote the world of sport as a vehicle to know the cultural, natural and eno-gastronomic excellence of the region. 
The event will be an opportunity for the whole family to experience new sports in absolute safety: from ponies for children, to horseback riding, to cycling in the beautiful countryside. 
Traveling slow and sustainable will be the leitmotif of the event, sustainability and respect for the environment that KEP Italia shares, using for its helmets eco-friendly materials. 

KEP Italia will help to bring the public closer to the world of horses, noble animals with the innate ability to perceive the person by adapting their behavior to the reactions of each, adult or child, creating a relationship that goes beyond the practice of sport alone. 
But not only that. At 'Cavalli in Villa', during e-bike excursions, it will be possible to wear the new Cromo 2.0 also homologated for e-bikes, electric scooters and skateboards.

For KEP Italia, design and innovation go hand in hand with safety and comfort, accompanied by research and development that have led to the creation of helmets for all ages and all levels, unique, customizable choosing from more than 12,000 combinations with a 'sartorial' approach. The collaborations with the world of art and fashion have allowed Kep Italia to overcome the concept of helmet for riding in the collective imagination, making it become an element that primarily protects but also interprets the style and personality of the person.

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