The first Kep Italia Home Diffuser

26 October 2021

Inspired by nature, to the wide green spaces, to the scents of cut grass and hay that evoke exploration and discovery of the equestrian world, Kep Italia ambient fragrance is born.

Like a horse ride outdoor, the Kep Italia Fragrance is an harmonious combination of natural elements. Harmony, as in a Pair, is found in the balance between proportions and intensity of each note.

Top notes: Lavender and Galbanum
Lavender: part of the family of Aromatic top notes, regenerating and persuasive.
Galbanum: an ancient essence used by the Greek, with an intense green force.

Heart notes: Hay and Cut Grass Accord
Hay: with stimulating and rebalancing properties.
Cut grass accord: from family of green notes, penetrating and spontaneous.

Base notes: Patchouli, Cedar wood and Leathered accord
Patchouli: among the notes of Cipriate tail, refined and velvety.
Cedar wood: masculine and energetic note.
Leathery accord: dry and enveloping note tempered by woody notes such as Cedar.

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