With KEP Italia, safety, innovation and avant-garde style take the spotlight at Fieracavalli.

02 November 2023

Verona, November 9th-12th, 2023.

At the 125th edition of FIeracavalli, KEP Italia reaffirms its presence, once again distinguishing itself through its philosophy that combines safety - a findamental principle the company has always been devoted to - innovation, and avant-garde style.

If you thought the 12,000 combinations available to personalize the KEP Italia helmet were enough, you're mistaken. The creativity of the two owners of this globally leading company, proud to represent the 100% Made in Italy label in the equestrian industry, is about to surprise the collecative imagination with bespoke details in the new collection premiering in Verona. These details allow fashion and art to converse, achieving a subleme aesthetic result.
PEGASUS, VIKING, and MILANO are the three variations in the new KEP Italia collection, marking the beginning of a journey where Cromo 2.0, a fusion of cutting-edge technologies, design and excellent craftmanship, narrates a story and interprets the personality, character, and dreams of the wearer.
KEP Italia's loung area awaits to unveil all the new interpretations of Cromo 2.0, now approved for bikes, e-bikes, kick and electric scooters, roller skates and skateboards. It will also reveal a series of super-glam innovations aiming to become one of the event's trending topics.
We will be "next-door-neightbors" at the new Kids area devised by Fieracavalli to allow the youngest ones to explore, in a fun way, all the facets of the equestrian world. Here, we echo some of the fundamental principles of which KEP Italia is built, staunchly believing in the importance of education the new generations about safety, environmental respect, and care for our animal friends.
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