KepApp: the new Kep Italia app

28 April 2022

KepApp is the official Kep Italia new app, available for free on App Store and Google Play.

KepApp allows you to save your personal data and all the information related to your helmets (date of purchase, product code, etc. useful for the warranty).

With the new Cromo 2.0, the KepApp user experience is even more functional: Cromo 2.0 is equipped with an internal NFC chip that increases the level of safety. With the KepApp you can register your personal data on your helmet, including health, allergies and an emergency number. In the event of an accident, first responder will be able to read this information simply by placing a mobile device near to the helmet. You don’t need the KepApp installed to read the data, so first aid procedures will be more effective. Discover more by watching the Cromo 2.0 video tutorial on Kep Italia YouTube page

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