Superior safety post


Since 2013, KEP Italia has been a partner of the Riders4Helmets association and promotes it by taking part in the International Helmet Awareness Day.
Riders4Helmets is a non-profit association founded in the US following the fall by Courtney King-Dye, Olympic dressage rider, who suffered severe head trauma whilst riding without a helmet, leaving her seriously disabled after a long period in a coma. The aim of the movement is to spread awareness of the importance of wearing a protective helmet when riding a horse.
KEP Italia is proud to be a partner of an association whose activities are in perfect harmony with the objectives that form the foundation of the company: protecting all riders by offering the best possible equestrian helmets in the world.
The annual Helmet Awareness Day is an opportunity to develop certain specific themes, such as how to choose the correct size of helmet, the right moment to replace a helmet, accidents and head trauma, how a helmet protects the head in the case of a fall, etc.
Every year, KEP Italia asks its testimonials to publish a video message on the importance of wearing a helmet when riding. These videos, some serious, some entertaining, have also been the subject of a TV advertising campaign broadcast on Class Horse TV (the Italian equestrian channel).
On the Riders4Helmets website, you can find a lot of in-depth material in video, text and image format: